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We make taxes simple, by filing your taxes online with a tax specialist.

"There is no wealth like knowledge and no poverty like ignorance." And when it comes to tax preparation and planning, nothing rings more true.

Alexandra Rodriguez started her journey of financial knowledge at the age of 5, when she learned she had to work hard to buy the things she wanted. At that age, what she wanted was candies from the candy store. So as a life lesson, her father offered her 5 cents per envelope she stamped. As she grew older, still working along with her parents, she saw the poverty of ignorance when her family approached the brink of financial devastation. She helped them overcome their struggle through the cunning determination to learn from the success of others. Through it all, Alexandra saw that anyone could use the financial practices of the rich and, as a result, inherited the will to never stop learning, both in mindset and attitude.

This tax preparation business is the fruit of her labor. She took over the family firm and rebranded to IRBusiness, and now "IRBINC.COM" Today, she remains committed to the pursuit of financial knowledge. She wants to use the resources she has amassed to instill others with courage when they face financial fear. Because, without the courage to act, tax preparation business plans and worksheets are useless. Our open, honest, and easy-to-understand communication will give you the exact tools rich people use in building wealth that lasts generations.

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